"Time's relentlessness has no effect on Hanks Cafe. It ain't called Hawaii's Cheers for nuthin' - if everyone doesn't already know your name, they'll ask. I met four new friends as I squeezed past the band and the barstools. Regularly packed, it's it's own live theatre."
Kalei Smith, Honolulu Weekly
"As is often the case at Hank's, half the crowd on this night consisted of musicians, and things soon evolved into a high-spirited game of musical chairs, with instruments changing hands so often that it was soon unclear who'd actually been hired to play in the first place. Guitarist moved to drum kit, bassist went to bar stool, drummer picked up bass, and a barfly that at first glance seemed too sauced to stand was suddenly punching out a perfect tempo on the communal congas and on and on."
Stu Dawis, Hana Hou!

I opened it as an art gallery to showcase my paintings and prints. But I put the bar in to pay the rent. Artists starve!
Hank Taufaasau